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How We Work

Do you remember the first dollar you earned? That piece of paper was so precious, mostly because you had to work hard to get it. In our world, the dollars you are earning are your income. From there, your income plus the assets you’ve accumulated become your “cash flow.” Like your income, cash flow, too, is precious, because it is not only something you worked hard for, but also because protecting and preparing your cash flow means avoiding the threat of financial failure.

Cash flow from income creates financial security for immediate needs. Proper behavior with cash flow today, allows for financial security in the future. Financial threats are everywhere – some are avoidable and some are not. When a threat strikes and cash flow is no longer adequate to meet the financial concerns of life, failure occurs. However, together, we can uncover ways to guarantee that your cash flow is abundant enough to meet your personal financial concerns in life.

When you partner with The Z Group, failure is not an option. We will listen, learn, teach and adjust our game plan with you, while mitigating the consequences of threats that you will face.

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Potential Threats

Potential Threats

Threats are everywhere and they will affect everyone differently - depending on your life stage and current financial situation. 

Not all consequences of these threats are created equal. In order to properly prepare, you must identify which threats could impact you, prioritize threats with the worst consequences first, and take action to mitigate or eliminate those consequences. 

What do you see as your greatest threats given your stage of life? Have you taken the actions necessary to prepare for the consequences?